SHEQ Solve is a Safety consulting company that assist small to big companies with Occupational Health and Safety compliance.

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Your Business require your attention so that you can meet your goals and stay ahead of competition.  SHEQ Solve will assist you and guide you so that your business stay on top of workplace health and safety compliance. SHEQ Solve provides a wide range of safety services, either on a monthly basis or a once off service. SHEQ Solve will provide you with up to date health and safety advice to ensure that your work area is safe



SHEQ Solve is a Health and Safety Consulting company that specializes in the implementation of Health and Safety Programs, that cover all aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety Act – thus ensuring full Health and Safety compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and integrating these programs with your current systems.


A Safety File is needed when working on a construction site.

  • No matter if you are the 

  • Client

  • Designer

  • Principle Contractor 

  • Sub Contractor 

The construction industry enforces the need to work safer.

The goal is to reduce construction related accidents.

SHEQ Solve will provide you with solutions to helps you to achieve a safe work place.

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The most important legal duty imposed on employers by the Occupational Health and Safety Act,  is the one requiring of employers to conduct Risk Assessments (HIRA – Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment) to eliminate or reduce the injuries or fatality.

SHEQ Solve will review, simplify or updated your risk assessment and develop risk management procedure that works for you and your employees.


Workers have rights to safe conditions and the risk assessment process will help identify hazards before they cause injury or damage.



The aims to provide and regulate health and safety at the workplace for all workers by ensuring competent SHEQ Solve consultants assist with inspections that can be a vital part of risk management program and your injury prevention efforts.


SHEQ Solve's inspection program can help reassure workers that the workplace is safe and help the company demonstrate that it cares.


SHEQ Solve inspection program will assist you to stay on top of expiry dates and notify you when there is due dates or a Corrective action to be done.

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