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SHEQ Solve packages allow you to be able to reach Occupational Health and Safety compliance and to ensure safe working environment to enhancing performance in your organization

Our fully qualified and experience consultants can manage and support businesses of all sizes and conduct monthly safety services and specific safety needs like internal audits, risk assessments, Safety Files, training and much more.


SHEQ Solve will provide you with solutions to helps you to achieve a safe workplace.

SHEQ Solve Safety File services is needed when working in the workplace or on a construction site.

The goal is to reduce accidents in the workplace.


SHEQ Solve is a Health and Safety Consulting company that specializes in the implementation of Health and Safety Programs, that cover all aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety Act – thus ensuring full Health and Safety compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and integrating these tailored made safety programs with your current systems.

SHEQ Solve contractor management services help organizations vet and manage the risk of contractors. This includes determining whether potential contractors are competent and have the necessary qualifications, certifications, and experience to complete the job.

It also involves evaluating the contractor’s safety record and other relevant information.

SHEQ Solve can assist you with your site-specific risk assessments, helping you to identify potential hazards, assess their likelihood and severity, and develop effective strategies to control, mitigate, and prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

We understand that every business is unique, and that safety is a top priority. That’s why we offer tailored risk assessment packages for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Inspections are a critical component of any effective occupational health and safety program. They help businesses to identify potential hazards, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. At SHEQ Solve, we offer comprehensive inspection services to help our clients stay on top of workplace safety and compliance. Contact us today to learn more about our inspection services and how they can help your business stay safe and compliant.


At SHEQ Solve, we offer comprehensive fire safety inspection services to assist companies in ensuring that their fire safety measures are up to date and compliant with relevant regulations and standards. Our experienced and qualified fire safety inspectors will conduct a thorough examination of all your fire safety components, including fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, alarms, sprinklers, and other fire protection systems. We can also provide advice on any corrective actions that may be necessary to ensure the safety of your employees and property. 


We offer comprehensive ISO implementation services, from the initial preparation for ISO 9001, 45001, 14001, and 13485 certifications to full assistance with ISO transitions.


Our services include conducting supplier audits to ensure compliance with ISO standards and enhancing your systems, preparing your company for upcoming ISO audits, and assisting with non-conformance closeouts post-audit.


Additionally, we provide compliance and supplier audits to ensure ongoing adherence to ISO requirements


At Effectus Harmony we believe it‘s in the embrace of harmonious relationships, systems, processes, understanding, vision, dignity, respect and values that we create the cornerstone of our success.


Effectus Harmony can play a crucial role in legal compliance and creating certainty in the workplace, reducing the need for the CCMA to intervene.

Solve your SHEQ challenges with us - TAKE ACTION NOW!

If you’re looking to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for you and your employees, look no further than SHEQ Solve! Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of occupational health and safety regulations, and we offer a range of services to help you stay compliant and minimize risks. From risk assessments and safety audits to training and certification, we have the solutions you need to keep your workplace safe and productive. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you solve your challenges!

Client Reviews

SHEQ Solve has been with our company for quite a few years and we are very pleased with their quality of service.
Evan and Pieter has always been very hands-on and they do not leave a stone unturned. Their attention to detail is impeccable.

SHEQ Solve provides onsite training in a variety of Health and Safety fields. Pieter is a fantastic facilitator and has such a wonderful way of engaging with the candidates.

We are very impressed with their skills and communications. They provide us with excellent service and I am happy to recommend them to any other company.

Thank you for what you do for our industry.
Keep up the great work!

Nicolene Labuschagne

Happy Client

I can recommend SHEQ Solve for their best service provider especially their employees who are dedicated to their job. Lovedonia is the SHEQ Officer who trained me to become the best SHE REP in the workplace with wider knowledge and perseverance.

Sanele Bofo

Happy Client

I have been working with Lovedonia, and I am very happy! Always very helpful and gives fast service.

Thank you!

Cailyn Groves

Happy Client
I had my own experience with Lovedonia, a lovely SHE officer who is patient and client orientated.

Whitney Shikwambana

Happy Client
Great customer service very happy and satisfied with SHEQ SOLVE, they went n extra mile to assist me thanks once again…

Jerry Mthembu

Happy Client
Such a kind team to work with and most importantly, they are dedicated to safety 😀 well done 👏 ✔️

Malebo Mogola

Happy Client

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Expert SHEQ Solutions for a Safe Workplace - Act Now!

SHEQ Solve offers expert solutions for occupational health and safety to ensure a safe workplace and regulatory compliance.

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Risk Assessment

Our packages include a range of riskassessments services:

  • Baseline risk assessments,
  • Continuous risk assessments,
  • Task Base risk assessment
  • Fire risk assessments and assessments of
  • Hazardous chemical substances risk assessment
  • Electrical risk assessments
  • Manual handling risk assessments
  • Slips, trips, and falls risk assessments
  • Ergonomic risk assessments

No matter what size or sector your business operates in, our experienced consultants will manage and support you to ensure that you reach Occupational Health and Safety compliance and create a safe working environment. By engaging SHEQ Solve to conduct a risk assessment, you can rest assured that your business is taking all the necessary steps to protect its employees, customers and property. Contact us today to learn more about our risk assessment packages.

Fire Inspections

In addition to our fire safety inspection services, we can also assist companies in applying for a fire certificate for high-risk areas. We will provide detailed guidance and support throughout the application process, ensuring that all necessary requirements are met. We can also provide ongoing support and advice to ensure that the fire safety measures are maintained and updated as required.

SHEQ Solve can also assist with other potential safety emergency services.

  1. First Aid Training
  2. Emergency Evacuation Plans
  3. Emergency Response Plans
  4. Emergency Drills
  5. Hazardous Materials Management
  6. Lockout/Tagout Procedures
  7. Confined Space Entry
  8. Emergency signage and lighting survey

List of all the fire safety inspections.

  1. Fire extinguishers inspection
  2. Smoke detectors inspection
  3. Fire alarms inspection
  4. Sprinkler systems inspection
  5. Emergency exits inspection.
  6. Fire exit routes inspection
  7. Fire safety signage inspection
  8. Fire safety equipment inspection
  9. Fire doors inspection
  10. Fire protection systems inspection
  11. Fire safety training inspection
  12. Fire safety policies and procedures inspection

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