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Guanrantee - SHEQ Solve Safety File and Consulting

Send us the client specification and all  your documentation and we will personalise and set up the Safety file and ensure that it is site specific.


  • SHEQ Solve profesional  represent your company at the client 

  • SHEQ Solve does all the required checks and audits on site as per the client specification and OHS Act.

  • SHEQ Solve profesional will be appointed as per the OHS Act regulation. 

SHEQ Solve provide guarantee on approval of safety file 

Program will Enable you to create Unlimited sites and safety files for a whole year.

You receive a license key and download link on your email.
The most important part is "Company TRADING name" this cannot be adjusted - everything else can change. License keys issued are specific to company Trading Name.

(After hours orders will take longer)

Privacy policy: We respect our clients right to privacy. Their information will never be shared with any other party.

Returns and refunds: Due to the nature of the product, no refunds will be given. Full training and support is available by phone, email, chat box, or remote desktop support. A trial version is available for you to evaluate before making a purchase.

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