DIY Safety File

    Safety File Template



    We send you a license code to activate the program

    Training is available on request 


    It can only be used by one company for many different sites. 


    Renewed yearly.

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  • OPTION 2

    Best DIY Option​

    Assisted setup

    Safety File with your company information


    We help you with setup


    Send you a electronic program to create your own safety files

    You get a software and our support team will help you with basic setup of the software.

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  • OPTION 3

    Best Value

    Setup + Print

    Safety File Program with your Company Details 

    We help you with setup

    Send you a electronic program to create your own safety files 

    Training on the safety file is available 

               Software + Setup
    You get software and setup.


    We also print and deliver complete safety file to your office.

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  • OPTION 4

    Best Value

    Consulting + Setup + Print 


    SHEQ Solve represent your company 

    We do all the checks and on site activities as per OHS Act 

    One Representative will be appointed for your site. 

    SHEQ Solve will provide guarantee on approval of the safety file 

    For more information contact SHEQ Solve 

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Safety File is needed when working on a construction site. The construction industry enforces the need to work safer. The goal is to reduce construction related accidents.


SHEQ Solve can provide you with a computer program that helps you to create a safety File and for additional fees implement and mange it for you.

You will still need of a safety consultant to implement and monitor the Safety program that is registered with SACPCMP

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