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Hospitality SHEQ Program


The tourism industry contributes around 3% of the South African GDP with more than 14 million international visitors every year. The Hospitality sector forms an integral part of the tourism industry and includes businesses offering accommodation, food and entertainment.


When we think health and safety, we immediately think “employees”, but the hospitality sector also faces risks from injury and illness to patrons.


Health and safety duties and responsibilities are clearly outlined in Sections 8, 13 and 14 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993.



  • Manual Handling

  • Slips trips and falls

  • Electricity

  • Chemicals

  • Hot Surfaces

  • Sharp Objects

  • Lone Work

  • Premises and building

  • Machinery 

  • Vehicles 


At SHEQ Solve we develop site specific health and safety management system to address all of the aspect's to meet compliance like: 


  • SHE Plan

  • Identify hazards and evaluate risks

  • Take steps to eliminate all hazards before resorting to PPE

  • Provide and maintain a safe system of work

  • Provide information, training and supervision

  • Provide the means to apply safety measures

  • Not permit employees to work unsafely

  • Enforce health and safety measures at work

  • Ensure that every person on the premises obeys the act

  • Ensure that supervisors have work related safety training

  • Empower supervisors with authority

  • Occupational Health solution's 

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