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The most important legal duty imposed on employers by the Occupational Health and Safety Act,  is the one requiring of employers to conduct Risk Assessments (HIRA – Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment) to eliminate or reduce the injuries or fatality.


SHEQ Solve can assist companies and you even if you have a risk assessment procedure in place for your business.


SHEQ Solve will review, simplify or updated your procedure and develop the procedure that works for you and your employees.


Workers have rights to safe conditions and the risk assessment process will help identify hazards before they cause injury or damage

Work in agriculture may pose threats to your health for many reasons, including:


- It’s physical nature

  • 􀀀 Weather, noise and vibration

  • 􀀀 Contact with animals

  • 􀀀 Hazardous chemicals

  • Physical Hazards

  • Handling loads or working in awkward positions may cause muscular-skeletal disorders. These are aches and pains in the limbs, joints or back, which may be due to sprains or strains.

- Noise

Excessive noise can cause permanent hearing damage


  • 􀀀 Working away from the noisy environment

  • 􀀀 Reduce noise by insulation

  • 􀀀 Hearing protection

  • Vibration

  • To avoid chronic backache or hip/knee pain from whole-body vibration (WBV):


􀀀- Use the right tool for the job, for example a modern tractor with a properly maintained and adjusted seat

􀀀- Drive at the right speed for the ground conditions, avoiding potholes etc.


- Weather

  • Sunshine or extreme cold can be harmful.


- Animals

  • Contact with animals may result in zoonoses; Orf, ringworm or leptospirosis from cattle or rats.

  •  􀀀 Wash hands and arms after handling animals

  • 􀀀 Cover all cuts and abrasions with waterproof dressings

  • 􀀀 Wear protective clothing such as gloves where necessary.


- Hazardous substances

  • Hazardous chemicals; pesticides, veterinary medicines, dusts, fumes, sewage sludge or fertilisers; fumes from burning plastic, or dust from grain, fertilisers, straw, hay; slurry, manure etc; or being splashed with pesticide or sheep dip can cause ill health.

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